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As shown in Figure 27.2.1, a concerted release of hormones from the hypothalamus (GnRH), the anterior pituitary (LH and FSH), and the gonads (either testosterone or estrogen) is responsible for the maturation of the reproductive systems and the development of secondary sex characteristics, which are physical changes in the body.

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• Hymen Layer of mucous membrane • Vestibular glands Occur on each side of vaginal opening and secretes a lubricating fluid • Breasts Pair of modified sweat gland contains connective tissue It has 15-20 lobules Base has the areolar region 13. Internal structure 14.

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The fluid coalesces to form water-like droplets that lubricate the entire vaginal canal, allowing for ease of penetration during sexual intercourse. Vaginal lubrication is a fundamental component of female sexual arousal and directly correlates with subjective levels of satisfaction and enjoyment.

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Joints of the Human Body. Joint Classification Synovial Joints Characteristics of synovial joint Types of synovial joints Naming Joints: Pectoral Girdle Upper Limb Pelvic Girdle Lower Limb Joint is a point of connection between two bones Strands of connective tissue, ligaments, hold the bones together and ensure the stability of joints Joint Classification Joints are classified according to ...

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The carrier fluid is removed while leaving the coating fluid deposited on the substrate as a coating layer. A system for coating a substrate with ultra-thin layers in stripes includes moving the substrate through a coating station and forming a composite layer including coating fluids and a carrier fluid.

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secretion and absorption of fluids Connective tissue composed of cells and extracellular materials are highly vascular, surrounding other cells, encases internal organs, sheathes muscles, wraps bones, encloses joints, and provides the supporting framework of the body ranging from delicate tissue-paper membranes to rigid bones.

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secreted by the synovial membrane, a viscous, clear or pale yellow fluid. Consists of hyaluronic acid and interstitial fluid. Functions to reduce friction by lubricating the joint, absorbing shocks, and supplying oxygen and nutrients, and removing carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes from the chondrocytes within articular cartilage.

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An apparatus is disclosed for use in a system containing at least one of an oil and a lubricating fluid. The apparatus comprises a surface in need of lubrication during operation of the apparatus, and oleophilic fibers disposed on the surface.