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r/HomemadeDildos: This sub is for any and all content that includes any thing but official sex toys or flesh being inserted either anally or …

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2. level 1. [deleted] · 10y. Go to your local GNC/Walmart protein section, and buy a "protein shot." Most places carry them, and they come in super smooth, rock hard "test tubes," that are basically thick dicks. Vastly superior to anything I was able to make at home, and for like $4.

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Make it long enough and/or add a pull string in case it goes too far. Wrapping it in plastic wrap or a condom before play would be a good idea. 2. level 1. thinCD. 7 years ago. Don't. Too many risks. A cucumber or banana with a condom is okay, I guess, if you take special care not to lose it in your butt.

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I've been using a homemade dildo for years. The weirdest thing I've stuck up my butt was a deactivated NATO 25×137mm round. Way too pointy to be enjoyable but they'll slide right up there. I was a weird kid. I swear I'm not Tina Belcher... *if you're not a pussy.... wait. That's beautiful. I want to see it etched in stone.

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And oh, if you want something like jelly, you can buy silicone that is really soft and fill a condom or latex with it. Then peel it off so you have it :D (be sure that is %100 silicone) You can use two pads (ones that used in period) and roll them one together, and tape them with those black tapes used for tape cables.

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Hopfully it's simple to understand, supplies you'll need are: 1 pack of long socks, 1 pillow worth of cotton, a sewing kit and some flexible metal wires. nsfw. 5. 1 comment. 4. Posted by. u/incest_fan4806. 8 days ago.

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FREE ADULT TOYS. Hi guys, We are offering FREE adult toys to people who would like to try out our products. All we ask in return is to provide a 4 or 5 stars review on Amazon after you’ve tried it! We will send you the money via PayPal to purchase the item on Amazon, and you test it and make the review! It's as simple as that!

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1. Post Must Include a Dildo or If Not A Dildo Toy Must Be Inserted. 2. Females Only. 3. No Underage Content Or Implied Underage. 4. No Revenge, Involuntary Porn or Personal Info. 5.